Works In Progress

Landscaping in the works
Curved wainscot stair panel
Quilted maple vanity
Custom bar in home theater
Sports barn
Custom table base
Virginia farmhouse
Virginia farmhouse
Entry master plan
Sports barn
Game lawn
Sample panel
Dressing room sketch
Modern farmhouse
Dressing room sketch
Stepping shelves
Aerial view
Baluster details
Stone mosaic
Porch dining bay
Half round copper roofing
Balcony/overhang details
Ceiling details
Vanity detail
Limestone entry porch
Additions/renovations to 1949 Milton Grigg house
Porch ceiling
South elevation
Bath vanity
Bath floor mosiac
Plaster ceiling detail
Curving stair
Lobby of mixed-use office building in Milwaukee, WI
Wall paneling at main stair
Lobby of mixed-use office building in Milwaukee, WI
Kitchen with oak herringbone floors
Mantel detail
Backsplash detail and pot filler
Sports barn
Family room
Paneling with mosiac insets
Elliptical stair
Vanity details
Curved millwork
Mantel detail
Dining room cabinet
Brick cornice details
DGP-designed globe chandelier beneath glass roof
Copper kitchen hood
Globe chandelier designed by DGP Architects
Sconces designed by DGP Architects
Mixed-use office building in Milwaukee, WI
Starting volute
Turret with copper finial
Custom light fixture
Exterior brick detail
Mantel detail
Sketch of dressing room
Screened porch framing
Partial elevation
Curved window seat
Vaulted ceiling detail
Eagle sculpture
Allée concept
Elliptical window
Fireplace on screened porch
Outdoor fireplace
Curving slate roof
Elevator handrail
West elevation
Sketch of bar
South elevation of entry hall
North elevation of entry hall
Reading room millwork
Restaurant in Dallas, Texas
Southwest elevation
Dining hall in Dallas, Texas
Mixed-use project in Milwaukee, WI
Tiled shower
South elevation
Dome room in Dallas, TX
Gallery in Dallas, TX
Entablature sample
Debate room in Dallas, TX
Mixed-use project in Milwaukee, WI
Office campus in Dallas, TX
Installation of wood shingles
Brick cornice detail
Cast plaster moldings
Roof swoop framing
Cast plaster frieze
Porch gazebo ceiling
Garage gable brick
Turret peak
Discovery Museum concept sketch
Slate rolled valley at turret