Works In Progress

Approach view
Approach view
Layered massing
Steel handrail
Bracketed overhang
Stone barn
Stone fireplace lintel
Entry wall
Glass gallery
Floating vanity
Paneled mosaic shower
Entry hall
Interesting geometries
Garden shed
French country-style house
Stone tile fireplace surround
Stair tower and sun porch
Garden elevation
View of pool from party barn courtyard
Garage and party barn
Approach view
Golf course elevation
Entry arcade
Master bath
Trellis over garage doors
View elevation
Hardscaping in progress
Fun bathroom tile
View from ha-ha wall lawn
Sun porch terrace
Chippendale-inspired wainscot
Entry hall details
Approach facade
Dramatic new paint scheme
A purple pantry of pleasant pheasants
Family room stone work nearing completion
View approaching dependency and main house
Foundations and footings
Restored approach elevation
Crisp new kitchen
Olive knuckle hinge
Stone outbuildings
Ha-ha wall
Party barn trusses
DGP architects survey their work
Entry facade progressing
Entry arcade and transparent entertaining space
Emerging Professionals Group touring DGP project
View elevation taking shape
Interior stone work
Framing of dramatic entry stair
Connecting porches tie buildings together
Hand-painted shower mural
Just after the snow
Graceful bracket detail
Approach entry
Stone dependencies
Custom copper hood
Sunset elevation
New mudroom addition
Garden elevation
Below grade passage funnels light to future finished space
Roof brackets
Antique mirrors
Cast stone installation
Bracketed roof to shade kitchen windows
Sculptural chimney
Porches overlooking views
Stone dependency
Approach elevation
Screened porch addition to historic residence
Arched brick stairs
Cast stone layout and installation
Mantel detail
Master bedroom bay with sculptural stucco base
Early morning light on entry
Final grading almost complete
Rendering of Virginia vernacular residence
Rendering of contemporary residence
Porch framing
New life for old stair
Garage and party barn
Ongoing stone installation
Elegant round window
Entry elevation
Stonework progressing
Approach view
SIPs panels on steel trusses at party barn
Starry bathroom tile
New mudroom entrance
Man of steel surveying the site
Sunroom terrace
Steel trusses going up at the party barn
Stair tower with whitewashed brick
Chimney pots and roof tiles
Garden elevation
Master bedroom bay
Courtyard and water feature in progress
Sculptural stair taking shape
Beautiful tile roof capped with handmade copper finial