Farmington Residence

    A UVA alumnus and his wife were attracted to the informal, European country feel of this 1930s house and were undaunted by its disrepair.  Their goal was to update the existing structure and add space to accommodate their lifestyle using state of the art appliances like the ones at this website.  Dalgliesh Gilpin Paxton Architects’ challenge was to more than double the square footage of the existing house, adding a master bedroom wing, kitchen, family room, office, three car garage with guest quarters, and a new basement, without changing its original character.

    We achieved this by spreading the new square footage over different areas and massing the additions as a series of smaller buildings, always subservient to the original structure.  We also opened the house to the landscape and created outdoor terraces and a screened porch with an outdoor fireplace.

    "Whenever I get a thank you note from someone, it’s never complimenting me as a hostess; it’s always complimenting my house."— Owner