Old Parkland

    At Old Parkland, a business campus in Dallas, Texas, Dalgliesh Gilpin Paxton Architects collaborated with the Beck Group and SMR Landscape Architects. The owner’s primary objective was to create an oasis amid the noise and chaos of the city, where a community of thinkers and leaders could gather.  Implementing this vision presented several master planning challenges: the parcel is small relative to the size and number of buildings planned; it is irregularly shaped; and a six lane toll road runs along the western boundary.  The property now houses eight large office buildings, yet feels like a spacious and welcoming academic campus.  Heavily landscaped buffer zones mitigate the effect of the nearby highway.  The site plan maximizes green space through the creative use of subterranean spaces, and a series of pocket parks encourages small group gatherings and provides privacy.

    “Your ability is extraordinary. Your refined taste and ability to grasp the big picture shaped the project. The way you worked collaboratively with me and others was a giant, positive force.”— Client


    Awards: Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, 2019 John Staub Award


    Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning