John Peterson  AIA

Project Architect

John graduated from California State Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture in 1988.  While still in college, he joined Walt Disney Imagineering where he focused on drafting, design, and team management for projects at EuroDisney, Walt Disney World Florida, and Disneyland.  At EuroDisney his work included master site planning, Main Street Towne Square, Main Street Train Station, Indiana Jones Temple of Peril, Discovery Mountain, and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  In addition, he was the project manager for Honey I Shrunk the Kids at Walt Disney World Florida and was part of the Disney’s first 100% CAD drawn project, Indiana Jones’ Expeditions, at Disneyland.  He was a founding member of Imagineering’s Advisory Council for the Integration of Computer Aided Drafting and Design.  John loved working with Disney’s show designers, engineers, model builders, and operation managers to convert their requirements into successful, happy attractions.

Since joining Dalgliesh Gilpin Paxton Architects in 1994, John has been responsible for a variety of projects, including the Charlottesville Ice Park, an indoor skating rink on Charlottesville’s historic Downtown Mall; the Pavilion, a classically inspired office building at Old Parkland in Dallas, Texas; the Palladium, a 200,000-square-foot urban office building and parking structure in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and numerous residential and estate projects. 

John’s computer-based 3-D models and renderings bring projects to life for clients.  This skill proved extremely helpful in the design development of the Palladium and the Pavilion at Old Parkland, allowing the team to make crucial design decisions to ensure harmonious building proportions.  John also serves as the DGP’s Technology Manager.

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